This Never Gets Old

Ohh, the joys of modern medicine. Thanks to the internet and social networking I came across one of the most important pieces of advice for surviving a wedding all day with heavy equipment strapped to me.  Usually by the time the wedding ceremonies are done, and formal portraits are being arranged with the wedding party, my back starts to get nice and tense.  Which then turns into cramps, which then turns into slow movements towards the emotional toasts during the reception.  Only 3 hours to go, I tell myself. Sometimes getting out of my car after driving home can require oiling the joints so I can move again.  So whats the advice you say!  Well, it’s a remedy the runners use before starting a marathon. Take a couple of Motrin before the whole shindig, and you’re set. That’s it! 🙂 and I feel like a million all the way to the garter toss! Here’s the best part, no crazy cramps or soreness the next morning!  Magic?  No my friends, modern medicine! Yes, Motrin is news to me, gimme a break I just found out what “deets” means last month too.

So when I recently second shot with that totally cool guy named Joel Llacar I decided to put the fountain of youth cocktail to the test and it worked like.  a.  charm!  Beverly and Josh’s ceremony took place at the gorgeous Saint Andrews Roman Catholic Church in Pasadena, it’s definitely a sight to see.

The fellas. The good, fellas.

The very beautiful Beverly, she simply glowed this day.

I love it when it turns out the the entire wedding party is as silly as me, in fact, I think I was egging them on.  You couldn’t hear it through picture but the best man had ‘Like a G6‘ playin from his phone on a loop as we shot the portraits.  Official soundtrack to the wedding coming soon…

Tea time laugh.  Lean back and belly laugh.  Makes for realistic good times!

Gooood times at the reception!  Everyone was dancing up a storm, well done!  I love this stuff…

Big thanks to Joel Llacar for having me out to second shoot, and to Beverly, Josh and crew for being such good sports and being the best subjects!  Super fun wedding and thanks to Motrin for making it an easy shoot too!  Check out Joel’s perspective on his blog, he’s got it down yo!

Joel L - Great shot as always, Joel! Always enjoyed working with you!! Happy Holidays!!

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