The Vineyards in Simi Valley Wedding: Michelle + Bryan

I’ve been second shooting a lot this year with my friends and all I know is I will never be the same photographer.  Shooting is good, shooting with friends is better, and shooting a wedding with friends, well you just can’t top that.  Plenty of those weddings has been with my man Joel Llacar, this summer has been a summer of learning and appreciation.  All of the images I have the privilege of capturing makes me a better photographer, a better observer and I am truly grateful to all the photogs I’ve shot with this year.  And the year is still young! 😉


So, Joel invited me out to shoot Michelle and Bryan’s wedding at The Vineyards in Simi Valley.  Having shooting experience there I was excited to exploit all the hot spots for some hot shots. So, besides fact that Michelle and Bryan were a good lookin pair, they were also classically in love with each other.  Makes our job easier, yup!

So, Bryan plays the guitar. Really good.  In a band.  And sings.  And plays the blues.  No, it’s not John Mayer.  But just as good if you ask me.  Go ahead, ask me…

Apparently Bryan steps too.  Sorta…

Boys, boys, boys…

Awesome-good-time shooting with ya Joel!  Drop by Joel’s blog and check out his post on their wedding to get a taste of Joel’s awesome perspective!

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