The Show Must Go On…

I’m playing catch up with all of my shoots, this explains the big gap between posts and the coffee stains on my shirt. Editing pictures is like my own personal time machine, flux capacitor in all! I get to go back and relive the moments, I laugh, I smile, I even cringe when I see over-exposed images. Hey, it happens. But then I realize that an hour and a half has swept by and I haven’t even sorted the pictures. Heh, family outtakes and wedding receptions are usually the most entertaining. Best of all, the pictures are gonna make my clients happy. I hope. Anyway, I’ve been catching up with loads of shoots and weddings so in the coming weeks expect to see a barrage of fun posts.

Doc, backup, we won’t have enough road to hit 88.

Roads? Where we’re goin we don’t need, ‘roads.’

So I flip down my mirror shades and continue editing, make funnies with word play and weird analogies all while sippin on a Coke Zero. Yup, that’s how I roll, no calories all the same great taste!

On with the show… Once again I had the awesome opportunity to second shoot with whom I consider my mentor, Henry Chen. This time the groom (Nathan Nowack) is also wedding photographer, and good friend of Henry’s. Not to mention that he picked the best photographer around to capture their big day. So I was honored to be apart of the celebration.

My first impression of Nathan, he was just chillin; all smiles and ready for the big day.

Nathan’s bride Allison was quite crafty and creative with the gift she sent down to Nathan before the ceremony.  She carved his logo into a pumpkin and wrote a lil sweet somthin.

One of the groomsmen was wearing cowboy boots instead of the traditional patent leather shoes, a move not many can pull off. But he did, very successfully I might add…

Nathan and Allison were married and had their reception at the Ayres Hotel in Hawthorne, awesome place throughout and beautifully decorated.  By the time we headed down to the lobby for the couple’s first look, Nathan started to show a little anticipation.  Anticipation makes for good character.

Allison waiting for Nathan at the bottom of the stairs to see her groom for the first time this day.  They both could not wait any longer, I felt bad telling Nathan not to come down the stairs yet.

I gotta say the Allison had the cutest and most contagious laugh ever!  You couldn’t help but laugh with her even if you didn’t know what it was all about.

Gorgeous deets at every turn.

Taiko drummers, yeah, like, awesome!

Chinese lion dancers. I was blown away at all of the culture exploding all around me, I’m still smiling!  Really, I am honored.  Big time!

Too much? No. Way!  This one’s going up there on my top 10 weddings list, and a big thanks to Henry for bringing me on for Nathan and Allison’s wedding!  Oooh, by the way, check out Henry’s post on his blog, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Peter G. - Looks great Joel!

Henry - Awesome stuff Joel! Love all the moments you captured, thanks for being a BIG help at Allison and Nathan’s wedding…couldn’t have done it without you! Looking forward to the next time we work together, take it easy!

Nathan - Awesome Photos Joel! Glad you could be there as well! Big thanks for all your hard work and it was good to see you at WPPI too. Hope we can hang out again soon! Cheers!

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