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Wow, how often do you get to see twins?  I’m married to a twin who has a set of twin Aunts on her mom’s side and twin Uncles on her dad’s side.  So, I see twins quite often.  A lot.  Anyway.  I’ve had the honor of shooting the Polanco family’s yearly family portrait ever since they had their own set of identical twins.  They are so hard to tell apart, luckily mommy had the brilliant idea of putting different colored earrings on them to tell them apart.  I’d be like “hey [quick look at what color earrings on baby A] Ruby look over here!”  I like to think that I could tell them apart, but even in post processing mommy and I were kinda stumped on which baby was in who’s arms in some of the pictures.  Such a tight family, and no shortage of curiosity in this bunch.

Mommy and Ruby.

We shot around Balboa Park in San Diego, such a beautiful place with lots of hidden nooks and crannies and wonderful light.  Love this place!

Cielo was such a character, I liked watching her the most for those random ‘look at me’ shots.

I understand that good family portraits involve everyone looking at the camera or the little squeaky toy dangling above my head but I love pictures that show a real side to people and the moment.  You should see my “real” family, it’s like a lil family of hamsters.  Storing food. For the harvest. That never comes.

Mommy and Cienna. I’m sure of it.

Daddy and Ruby.  Daddy is also known as Trace, short for Tracer and as mommy says, not a serious bone in his body.  I love you Trace and you know it! 😉  Just kidding about the Tracer thing, or am I?

Mommy and Calista laughin really hard at something that didn’t involve me. Amazing really…

Gooooood times!

Mommy and Cienna, see how good I’m getting at this!

Yes, I have to explain the shoe shots.  Shoes people wear tell me a lot about who they are and what mood they’re in, seriously.  If you think about it we really tend to pay a lot of attention to what we put on our feet on our way out the door.  In this particular case, mommy is down to earth and simply adorable.  Daddy is confident and practical.

Putting on a show.

I’m ending this post with one of my favorite from the shoot.  I couldn’t believe how calm and collected mommy and daddy were throughout the day without missing a beat.  No situation was out of their hands as they floated along.  Impressive.  I learn a lot from family shoots; what to say, what to do, what to bring and what to wait for.  Little moments like this one makes everything else melt away and reminds me that our time here is precious despite how hectic things may be around us.  Just outside of this frame was a madhouse of a crowd gathering at a cocktail hour for a wedding reception, you couldn’t tell that by the calm expression on Trace’s face.  Calm, happy and enjoying his moment with Ruby/Cienna.  Thanks so much for the chance to shoot your family guys! 🙂

Christina Dely - Beautiful work Joel! I love all of the group shots!

admin - Thanks so much Christina! Hope you get your computer up soon, I wanna see some more of your shoots! 😉

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