Sandra + Danny :: Holy Family Catholic Church and The Rococo Room Wedding Photos

Last year, I met up with Sandra and Danny for their engagement shoot and they just shined. All smiles, laughing throughout, and just plain ready and willing to do anything. Dreamy right? I sort of expected the pressure to be on them when their wedding came around, therefore putting a damper on their happy-go-lucky attitude. Not. One. Bit. They were both excited, nothing was going to ruin their day. Funny, inviting and one of the sweetest couples I know.  And that’s simply who they are. I love how Sandra would randomly break into dance and Danny would plead for her to tone it down while laughing with her. I think we all need someone in our lives that reminds us to dance when it doesn’t make sense, and someone who can ground us.

We started the day in South Pasadena for their first look, both cool as can be without a nervous bone in their body. As soon as they saw each other for the first time the laughs began and our shutters fluttered. Their ceremony was at the beautiful Holy Family Catholic Church in South Pas, and with a deep sermon by their preist. A quick trip to the Wrigley Mansion for portraits and then The Rococo Room for a quaint intimate reception with family and friends. I laughed and smiled picking out my favorites from the day. It was fun then and, still, now.

It was awesome to see you two enjoy each other and your day, I wish you two the very best! And to Danny, like my wife would say, “OH, EMM, GEE!”


Ceremony Location: Holy Family Catholic Church

Reception Location: The Rococo Room

DJ/MC: Amazing Event DJ’s

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