Rancho Palos Verdes Wedding: Rochelle + Oscar

What can I say, I was blown away by the Love around this couple. Love witha capital “L” yo!  The way they looked at each other from across the room, the way he pulled her close for a kiss when no one was looking, the way everyone else looked at them.  It was like whoa!  [More cliches to follow]  Big thanks to my buddy Brian Fletcher for having me out to shoot this awwwesoooome wedding!  There were many things I absolutely loved about this wedding, or maybe, I think I loved everything.  Rochelle was a stunning bride, Oscar was the witty and funny groom.  The parents were just glowing with happiness, the food was delectable, the pizza was amazing and I never made it to the cookies but I heard they brought the house down. Brian, can we shoot this one again?  Strictly for, uhh, educational purposes.  Did I mention they had good eats?

I know this one looks like Oscar is about the eat it, but he was just steppin.

Because you only live once, High School Pose!

God, every time I look at this one it makes me teary-eyed.  Men, if you have a daughter you can understand my perspective.

Rochelle’s dad never took his eyes off his daughter the entire day.  His baby girl…

So Rochelle’s mom arranges for guests at the ceremony to break out in singing “All You Need is Love” like in the movie Love Actually.  Rochelle and Oscar had. No. Idea.

Even dad sung a for the newly weds.

I know what you’re probably thinking right now, “I can’t believe that this is a backyard reception!”

One happy New family.

I smiled all the way through while editing these pictures! Fun to shoot, a joy to edit and happy to share these with the internets. Again, I can’t thank Brian enough for bringing me on this wedding! You gotta check out his blog post and check out his point of view!

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