Practice Builds Character

There’s a difference between repetition and practice.  Practice makes perfect, where as, repetition is just going through the motions.  I never get tired shooting weddings, parts of my body are screaming in agony but this show don’t stop.  I have come to accept the fact that I will never be the perfect photographer, but I sure as hell like trying. 🙂  Practice is also most effective when the proper guidance is applied.  True story.

A few months ago I had the honor of shooting, once again, with the fab Mr. Henry Chen and it never gets old because I always, always learn something new when shooting with him.  As the great Po once said, “awesomeness!”  So here’s a few from Melissa and Stanley’s wedding on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Just a few of the deets from the day.

Stanley and his boys chillin before the First Look, I’ll say it again, the First Look!  Everybody’s gotta get on this trend I’m tellin ya!
A nervous groom working off some jitters.
Juuuuussst before the moment they’ve both been waiting for.

Love this moment between mother and son.
Oh yeah!

So, no matter what it is you love doing, you can never know or learn enough about it.  It’s a profound feeling to know that there are endless possibilities; it’s a comforting feeling.  Get out there and make things happen!  Speaking of making things happen, check out Henry’s blog post on Melissa and Stanley’s wedding since his work is impeccable!  Happy holidays kids!

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