Perfect Imperfections

When my son was first born I wondered what he’d be like. I wondered if he would be like me; artistic, lover of food and quite the chatter box.  Or would he be like his mom; quiet, reserved and a quirky sense of humor that I love her so much for.  Now that he’s 4 years old, I get told that he’s an exact replica of me, I laugh and revel in the thought that it’s cool that he’s just like his daddy.  Then I start to think deeper, do I really want my son to be exactly like me?  All I could think of was my imperfections and short-falls.  Scary.  But, that’s where I went wrong.  I think about it too much.  You gotta take life one day at a time.

My good friend Charlyn had been texting me for a while wanting to have me take pictures of her son.  It was weird seeing her pregnant to begin with, now she’s got a 6 month old son in stroller and the whole nine yards.  You can see her prego pics here.  I always saw her as the savvy business woman running the show with a Blackberry in one hand and a Venti Americana in the other storming off to a sales meeting while dodging people on her way to the elevator.  But, there she was giving me to 411 on the importance of breastfeeding, natural remedies and holistic mothering.  Then again she’s still the same person but now she runs a tight schedule of feedings, diaper changes, nap times, play dates, pushing a stroller in one hand and a toy cell phone in the other rushing through a crowded parking lot playing a game of ‘Where-did-Mommy-Park-the-Car?’  Yup, I’m a master at run-on sentences and I’m break records people!

Even she’s telling me, ‘takin it one day at a time.’  Nuf said…

Here’s Dominic, he’s quite the lil looker.

His thing was blowin raspberries out the side of his mouth.

Hey, how YOU doin?

A true southern Cali kid sunbathing at 6 months.  Gettin his vitamin D the natural way huh mommy!

Chubby baby feet have to be one the cutest things on earth, right next to puppy dogs and the Powerpuff Girls.

Even Dominic find his own feet irresistible.

I’ve thrown enough analogies and run-on sentences at you to make your head spin.  Regardless, take your imperfections and shortcomings with a grain of salt, that’s what makes us who we are.  I think Robin Williams says it best in this quote from the movie Good Will Hunting.

My wife’s been dead two years, Will.
And when I think about her, those
are the things I think about most.
Little idiosyncrasies that only I
knew about.  Those made her my wife.
And she had the goods on me too.
Little things I do out of habit.
People call these things imperfections
Will. It’s just who we are. And we
get to choose who we’re going to let
into out weird little worlds. You’re
not perfect. And let me save you the
suspense, this girl you met isn’t
either. The question is, whether or
not you’re perfect for each other.
You can know everything in the world,
but the only way you’re findin’ that
one out is by giving it a shot. You
sure won’t get the answer from an
old fucker like me. And even if I
did know, I wouldn’t tell you.
G’night people!

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