Sara + Abraham :: Los Angeles River Center and Garden Wedding Photos


It happens sometimes, when you meet the bride and groom the day of the wedding. They get ready in different places to save that first impression for their first look, either down the aisle or face to face. I’m never surprised of how different theire character is when not around their bride/groom to be, and when the meet they just radiate.  Sara and Abraham are delightful people for sure, but when they saw each other for the first time they just glowed with emotion and silliness. They were flat out goof balls over each other. I have to thank my buddy Henry Chen a million times over for having me second shoot with him on this wedding! By the way, Jewish ceremonies are a thing of beauty to witness! Simple and moving!


Big congratulations to Sara and Abraham! I wish you two the very best! Make sure to check out Henry’s post on their wedding on his blog! Great stuff indeed!

Breaking The Ice

So I finally grew a pair and got all worked up to ask a complete stranger if I could take their picture.  I have to admit that this has been one small hurdle that I just could never get myself over.  My wife pointed him out, a huge grin came over my face, shook off the shy-stench and simply walked over and opened my mouth.

Me: My name is Joel, I’m a photographer.

Him: Cool.

Me: Dude, I love your hair and just had to ask you if I could take your picture.

Him: Jeeyah!

Me: Fuck yeah!

So, I was a bit excited, sue me. Snapped a few, asked for the obvious profile, said thanks and moved on. As I’m walking back to my wife, I was high as a kite! That was awesome! Look, I know it’s no Annie Leibovitz, I’m not all that impressed with my shots. But I’m over that initial scaredy-pants phase. Quite liberating! I think what made the first time a bit easier was the idea of having an interesting person to pursue. I gotta keep trying this! I think I may be hooked! It was fun, but I have a lot of practice if I want that interesting shot, the one with a story without words.

To quote the great Zach Arias, “Shut up and Shoot!”

Lexi + Dan :: Strawberry Farms Wedding Photos

I always jump at the chance to second shoot with my buddy Brian Fletcher, the fun weddings seems to follow him around all the time. Lexi and Dan were such a fun couple, lots of emotion, striking love and Lexi has this amazing smile! Super-fun crowd, great party and lots of great light to boot.  Great day to be shooting! 🙂

Melissa - Great photos!!! You’re right about the lighting!!!!

Christina Dely - Amazing images as always Joel!

Alyssa + Kevin :: Private Beverly Hills Estate Wedding Photos

Once again, second shooting with my buddy Henry Chen, the bar has been raised.  The details, the venue, the adorable bride and groom.  I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites from Alyssa and Kevin’s EPIC wedding.  I’m not going to fill this post with much jibber-jabber because you have a lot of pictures to scroll through!

Congratulations to Alyssa and Kevin, I wish you two the very best!  I ended this post with this fantastic couple who were dancing their hearts out all night.  They inspire to keep that magic alive throughout the years and just keep dancing to your own music!  Whatta fantastic wedding, and much thanks to you Henry! Make sure to check Henry’s double post on Alyssa and Kevin’s wedding for the whole story and detailed list of beautiful details here and here!

Christina Dely - So many great details sir! I love all of your angles!

Allison + Joseph :: St. Joachim Catholic Church and The Hacienda Restaurant Wedding Photography

I love working with new fellow photographers because of the opportunity of meeting new people and experiencing different perspective!  John Pascale made me feel like I was apart of an exclusive Fathers-Photographers club.  We both have are hands full with work and family, but John has the bigger family, like 3 up on me! 🙂  I bow down to you good Sir, I’d loose my mind!

When I met Joseph at his house he was excited, crackin jokes and eager to get the show on the road.  Then I bumped into Allison as she was lining up to walk down the aisle; bubbly and super excited herself.  The feeling in the air was total excitement!  Joseph is a Grand Knight with the Knights of Columbus, so naturally the KoC Color Guard escorted him and his new wife.   When it came time to party, Allison and Joseph turned on the moves and so did all their guest!  Such a fun crowd to be around and photograph!

Classy finish to fantastic day!  Congratulations to Allison and Joseph, I wish you two the very best!  And a big thanks to John for having me shoot with you dude, it was a pleasure!  Be sure to check out Johns blog for his latest work!