Leo Carillo State Beach Maternity Photos


I feel fortunate to photograph women when they are expecting. It reminds me of my wife when she was pregnant, and both times she had that glow. Some would say it’s all the hormones and prenatal vitamins, but I like the idea of the light that’s touched them is shining from within inside them. It’s also such a happy time in life, expecting a new life. Something very beautiful about the whole thing. Sylvia has been a life-long friend of ours, she too was glowing as she floated along this Southern California beach. Expecting her third girl, my heart goes out to her. I have one girl and sheesh!


Celina McCauley - Dear Sylvi,

Felicidades a la mama-You look beautiful! Thank you for sharing your pics with me! I wish you the best now and always. Please keep me posted.


Sylvia - The pictures are AMAZING!!! I LOVE them. Thank you.

Carlissa + Charlie :: Bowers Museum Wedding Photos

So here we are, as a farewell to Canon I put the nail in the coffin as I composed my first frame at a wedding with Fuji! I’ve ventured to make my photography more about my subjects and their lives rather than gear. I have to thank my good friend Brian Fletcher for letting me tag along and shoot over his shoulder and steal his lighting assistant to see what my little Fuji can do. It can do a lot! I will say that it’s not for everyone, to say the least(there was some colorful commentary from me as the day rolled on). It totally helps when you have such a lovely couple like Carlissa and Charlie that didn’t mind me testing the wedding waters with the new camera. Good times, good light and no tired back at the end of the night! 🙂

Jodi + Guerro Maternity Photos

It’s amazing, the roads we travel in life. Some, we try our hardest to steer clear from and others we can only dream to travel upon. We always seem to end up on the road we are meant to traverse. Jodi and Guerro spent years trying to have children but with no success, and we shot a sort-of engagement session two years ago. Even then they dreamed of the day they would be called mommy and daddy. Jodi and Guerro are really the sweetest people I know and even I wanted that dream for them to come true. And one fine day, on Instagram, they announced they we expecting! I was really happy for them, and even happier when they asked me to document their happy moments. As life has it, Jodi and Guerro ended up on a road they only dreamed of.

Thank you guys for having me be apart of your beautiful journey! Happy travels!
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Jodi - Absolutely beautiful … You are a amazing photographer … Thank you for capturing these moments, I can’t stop looking at them!