Costa Rican Paradise

So, last week I had the coolest couple fly me out to Costa Rica to shoot their wedding and it was simply amazing. I’m working on their wedding pictures and I should have them up soon too but I tagged some of my personal fav’s from the trip to kinda bring the sights to you. I was shooting with a 5D on this trip and it opened a whole new world for me as far as photography is concerned. I was a lil disappointed that there was no Cheesecake Factory near our secluded resort on the beach, but eh, I managed…

This toucan was awesome but scary at the same time, I was really up close and personal taking these as the owner brought by some papaya for the bird and nearly snapped off some of his fingers. Check out this bird’s raw talent for throwing and catching his food, yes, I’m easily amused…

Costa Ricans sure know how to takit e-c, the whole time I felt like slowing down and relaxing. Of course I didn’t and these hammocks are dangerous; you can lay down and be out for days, then the search helicopters go out to sea and then the dogs finally follow your scent back to one of these. Dangerous I tell you!!

So, we found this pizza parlor down a little dirt road and they had some of the best pizza I’ve had in a while, fresh ingredients, light thin crust, cool airbrushed mural on the wall, and a 95 degree dinning room. Yeah, that made it interesting but it didn’t stop us from ordering 6 pizzas…
This is a really nice picture but if look closely towards the center of the picture you can see one of the many wild monkeys that terrorize the Portero coast.

Sunsets were the time where you couldn’t help but just stop and take it all in; beautiful, simply beautiful scenery.
Cuban cigars soaking in cognac, and ice cold beer help with the whole tropical vacation theme.
The rehearsal dinner had some entertainment that included a trio and a fire juggler. The trio singing at the tables was a given, but the chick playing pick-up-sticks on fire, well, that was a pleasant surprise!

I made a friend one night sitting outside of my room having a relaxing conversation with my buddy when a stray dog came by and slowly approached us with the typical sad-puppy-dog face. She feasted on Doritos with us all night!
I’m kinda miss it already because the weather was gorgeous!! But I was sooo ready to get back home and see my wife, my son and freeze while waiting for the shuttle bus at LAX in my t shirt and shorts.

Check back soon for the wedding pictures from this beautiful little country!

Joel L - Beautiful set of images, Joel! I am so jealous! One of these days, it will be my turn! 😉 Thank you for sharing them!

s.sarmiento28 - I can see the difference that the 5D makes, awesome pictures Joel. Can't wait to see more.

Anonymous - pictures look awesome joel… I want to see the Le Boudoir shoot you did of colt on the beach 🙂

Anonymous - Joel, your pictures are amazing! I don't know a 5D from a CD but you captured the simple beauty and magic that is Costa Rica. Looking forward to the wedding shots. Cathy Cincis

Wanderlust - The color in these pictures is AMAZING! Great pictures. So jealous…sounds like an amazing trip!

And away we go!

Just finished packing my stuff for a wedding in Costa Rica, yeah, C o s t a R i c a! I know I still haven’t quite grasped the coolness factor about the whole trip but don’t worry about lil’ ol’ me, I’ll be a’ight…

I had a wedding in Italy a few years ago and it was the first time I’ve ever ventured out of the country, in a plane that is, and it’s a life-changing experience to visit another country and soak in the environment. Makes you really start to appreciate all the “boring” stuff you learned in geography and history, because all of a sudden you’re smack in the middle of Rome and desperately trying to recall your history lecture. Well, that’s life for ya! And so, here I am ready to embark on another adventure with my camera in hand; ready to soak it in. This time it’s going to be the sunny beaches of Costa Rica, I feel so hoidy toidy saying “Costa Rica” in my best romantic, Spanish accent.
Though all the excitement I reflect back at how I got here, to this specific point in my life; my family, my wife, my son. I am blessed to have so many good things in my life, and so many super cool opportunities. I get all mushy thinking about my life, and yet there’s so much more to do with every gift God has given me. So, I am going to “Costa Rica” and taking the best pictures ever! I’m coming back like wham! Check it out!
Tech note:
I recently rented a Canon 5D to see what it’s all about and boy, let me tell ya, I’m in love! I roamed around my house for days trying it out and most of my favorite pictures had my son acting like a goof-ball. Rich colors, awesome tones, Ah-Mazing in-camera black and white, crisp contrast and above all, I get full range out of my lenses! Can’t wait to see what I get out of it in “Costa Rica”.
Sta-raight out of camera.

Rafael Alcala - Have fun & safe travels!