Jackie + Ish :: Old Town Torrance Wedding

What can I say about this couple?  I instantly loved them.  I mean, Ish was cool, calm and collected and wasn’t one bit nervous about getting married that afternoon.  Once I met Jackie, I saw the whole picture. These kids were just madly in love with each other.  You know that oldie “I only have eyes for you?”  Yeah, that was Jackie and Ish.  They opted for a first look, and the both of them were bubbling with excitement.  The constant deep stares, his affectionate slow-brushing her hair out her face, her admiration and straightening of his bow-tie.  The little things that scream love in a big way.  So happy my good buddy Ralph Alcala invited me to shoot with him for their wedding. Good, good times!

There’s those looks again, it was constant, all day.  🙂

I smiled all through this edit, such a wonderful thing to be in the presence of such genuine love.  I wish you guys nothing but the best and many, many years of happiness together!  And of course, to my man Ralph! you gotta swing by his blog and check out Jackie and Ish’s engagement session where Ish proposes to Jackie!  Good stuff!

Karina + Ronnie :: Trump National Golf Club and Crown Plaza San Pedro Wedding

I had my coffee this morning and I was suuuper pumped about shooting.  Not that I’m not always pumped about shooting, or that I need coffee to do so.  Well.  It DOES help with the searching process (the process of finding and creating prime shooting conditions).  I like to look at the glass as half full and the if it’s real crystal it will probably make for a great shoot-thru object.  Anywayyy….   My good friend Ralph Alcala brought me on to shoot with him on this beautiful day out in San Pedro at the Crown Plaza and Trump National Golf Club.  We had great weather, a fun couple and a tightly-packed stretched limo.  Good times in the RPV!

One of the special moments that I caught in the corner of my, was when we were heading back to the hotel from the golf course and we were all tightly packed into the limo and without prompt, no direction from Ralph or me, Karina and Ronnie lightly gave each other a kiss and just simmered in that moment.  It was brief, yet a lasting impression these two gave me.  They finally had each other for the rest of their lives.  Huge congrats to the newly weds and a big thanks again to my man Ralph! Be sure to check out his blog for some of his amazing work too!

Nancy Cisneros - WOW!!! Great Pictures, Amazing Poses, every single image is so unique, they’re going to be valuable and treasureable memories for all of us that loved the Armenta’s wedding. Great Job Mr. Arrellano.

Wedding Photography: Smorgasbord

This past summer I’ve second shot plenty with my buddy Joel Llacar. It’s been a fun ride, so enjoy the view kids! This is a medley of about 4 weddings all tossed together with some balsamic vinaigrette. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Joel Llacar for bringing me along on for the wild ride this wedding season!  I won’t forget it! 😉

Christina Dely - Beautiful work Joel! I always admire your use of angles.

Rafael Alcala - Beautiful images! Great work as always Joel.

Mel + Sam :: Bella Collina Wedding Photography

You know, it’s funny when you hire a professional to do a job it usually gets done right and beyond.  Mel is a wedding planner, so her wedding was off the chain.  The venue (Bella Collina), the deets, the food, the entertainment was all top notch! And believe it or don’t it all went down without a hitch.  Smooth! I was a lucky dog to shoot this wedding with my good friend Henry Chen.  Sam was such a chill dude,  and his groomsmen knew how to entertain with those remember-when stories.  All-in-all, good times!

Groom looking sharp

First look.  Love.  This.  A must-do for all couples!

The details were insanely beautiful!  I spent a considerable amount of time working with these deets alone.  Awesomesauce!

There was no shortage of laughs, tears of joy, and love at Mel and Sam’s gorgeous wedding.  They were surrounded by good family and the best of friends, I wish nothing but the best for them!  Had loads of fun shooting this wedding, much thanks again to Henry Chen for having me out to shoot with him! Be sure to check out his blog for his post soon, always a pleasure! 🙂