My Mom and Dad

Let me explain a few things about my parents. Goofballs! But not today, well, not by much anyway. I’ve never shot formal portraits of them, or even asked for that matter. I’ve been wanting to take photos of them for a few years now. Ask me why, couldn’t give you a straight answer other than I was scarred to ask. I guess when you approach your parents with even the most of mundane of questions you may freeze up because you still care of what your parents think of you. Deep.

Once in front of my camera, boy did the tables turn. I noticed my parents seemed docile, stiff, and simply nervous. A few personal questions and implying that my dad had grown an inch and their guards came down. I never realized how much harder it would be to shoot my own parents. I meet strangers all the time and invade their space without any regards. It was surreal directing my parents to be affectionate and hold hands. I tried not to laugh, but I felt like a kid wanting to pretend I was hurling as my dad would give my mom a kiss on the cheek. “Whooowahhhh!” My photographer instincts took over and started acting like an adult. In the middle of the shoot my dad, says “you really like doing this, don’t you?” To which I replied, “I do. It’s easy for me.” I learned a few things about my parents today, first, they care of what I think of them. I was humbled to be in that position, my parents went way out of the comfort zone with complete trust in me. Secondly, and most importantly, I really like doing this. I really do.

I am thankful for my parents and all they have taught me and continue to teach me. Thanks mom and dad!

Desiree Mier - You have captured alot of love…what a true gift to wittness and to follow.
Your parents look great….now do your inlaws….then you would have captured a whole lot of love that you can pass into your children 🙂

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