My Best Friend’s Wedding

When Carla and Christian announced that they were engaged and getting married it was no surprise to me or any of our friends.  Christian is my best friend, and I knew that Carla was the girl for him (especially after my first impression of Carla was colorful to say the least).  These kids are inseparable, kinda like when you pull too much tape out off the roll and it sticks to its self and if you try to separate the two sides it just ruins it. Yeah, like that.  They’re perfect together.  So, naturally, when they told me they were getting married I winked my eye at them and they insisted I was to be a guest and enjoy myself.  Uhh, no.  It was too important a day for my good friends to leave my camera at home.  Photographing their wedding was more of an honor to me than being the best man(I’ll explain later).  We had loads of fun shooting their engagement session, and the wedding was a blast.  Perfect weather, perfect lighting and a perfectly in-love couple!

I walked into the Carla’s suite and boom! Dress hanging nicely in front of a well lit window!  It was like walking into a 7 Eleven and the clerk directing you to the winning scratchers behind the counter.  Wow, that was a stretch…

A couple tricks I learned from Henry Chen.

Sophia has the most beautiful blue eyes, she is a looker…

…and her cute lil flower dress to go with.

Aaannd a lil somethin I picked up from Joel Llacar.

Christian and his brother awaiting his beautiful bride.

Ok, confession time.  When Carla and Chris were exchanging vows, Chris started to get all choked up and it hits me.  My best good friend is getting married, and I kept my camera plastered up against my face to hide the fact that I was gettin all teary-eyed.  So I kept shooting until Carla made funny faces and then I was coo.  

So, Chris earned the nickname “The Politician.”.  He can speak to large crowds, he can effectively send the message across and be articulate.  But as soon as I point my camera at him, I can’t get him to give me a real smile.  However, he was all smiles this day.  I couldn’t find the right word to describe Chris in this next picture, so I’m just calling him HOT!

Ladies, ladies, ladies.  Lovely.

Confession #2.  The Politician delivered a warm speech thanking everyone for being apart of their special day, it was good.  Then Carla uttered a few heartfelt words accompanied with tears, and soooooo once again my camera never left my face.  I’ve never gotten so many pictures of their feet…

The dancing gets underway and the first slow song came on and so did the dipping.

Quickly followed by the fist-pumping…

…and straight up dancing like no one’s looking. Good times!

I had to make a cameo in this one, hope I don’t ruin the picture.  Carla and Christian, thank you for the honor of be your photographer for your wedding. I don’t do well in a tux, and I hate getting fitted.  I can’t tell you guys enough how happy I am for you guys, and thank you for the tear-jerking moments because I will never forget them!  I look forward to many more comedy nights and even some board games.  I’m the luckiest tuxedo-challenged photographer on earth.  Goodnight!

Carla - LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christina Dely - The dancing ones are amazing!!! You did a beautiful job of capturing their big day 🙂

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