Liz + Mark :: Smog Shoppe Wedding Photography

Finally, had the chance to work with my friend Jaemi Suh after meeting him 2 years ago, and I’m glad he had me shoot with him!  The name can be misleading but The Smog Shoppe is a really cool venue in Los Angeles, and I am now a believer!  Liz and Mark were totally from my generation of kids.  I mean even the music made me feel like I was back at a Junior High dance leaning on the wall with all the nerds.    Everything from Ace of Base to Wilson Phillips the hits didn’t stop all night!  Good music, good vibes, good grub and good times!

Congratulations to Liz and Mark, you guys are totally cute and I wish you guys the very best!  And big thanks to Jaemi for having me shoot with him!  Be sure to check out his angle on his blog!

Liz Yoo - Joel,
Thank you so much for being a part of our awesome wedding!!! We are truly blessed to have had both you and Jaemi capture our day for us. Thank you for having attention to detail not only to the venue, but to our emotions. And you can admit it… You never thought Asians could have such great taste in music, huh?!? Hahahaha!! Yours and Jaemi’s unique perspectives combined created an awesome wedding album that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Thanks again Joel and keep in touch!!
Liz & Mark

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