Karina + Ronnie :: Trump National Golf Club and Crown Plaza San Pedro Wedding

I had my coffee this morning and I was suuuper pumped about shooting.  Not that I’m not always pumped about shooting, or that I need coffee to do so.  Well.  It DOES help with the searching process (the process of finding and creating prime shooting conditions).  I like to look at the glass as half full and the if it’s real crystal it will probably make for a great shoot-thru object.  Anywayyy….   My good friend Ralph Alcala brought me on to shoot with him on this beautiful day out in San Pedro at the Crown Plaza and Trump National Golf Club.  We had great weather, a fun couple and a tightly-packed stretched limo.  Good times in the RPV!

One of the special moments that I caught in the corner of my, was when we were heading back to the hotel from the golf course and we were all tightly packed into the limo and without prompt, no direction from Ralph or me, Karina and Ronnie lightly gave each other a kiss and just simmered in that moment.  It was brief, yet a lasting impression these two gave me.  They finally had each other for the rest of their lives.  Huge congrats to the newly weds and a big thanks again to my man Ralph! Be sure to check out his blog for some of his amazing work too!

Nancy Cisneros - WOW!!! Great Pictures, Amazing Poses, every single image is so unique, they’re going to be valuable and treasureable memories for all of us that loved the Armenta’s wedding. Great Job Mr. Arrellano.

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