Jackie + Ish :: Old Town Torrance Wedding

What can I say about this couple?  I instantly loved them.  I mean, Ish was cool, calm and collected and wasn’t one bit nervous about getting married that afternoon.  Once I met Jackie, I saw the whole picture. These kids were just madly in love with each other.  You know that oldie “I only have eyes for you?”  Yeah, that was Jackie and Ish.  They opted for a first look, and the both of them were bubbling with excitement.  The constant deep stares, his affectionate slow-brushing her hair out her face, her admiration and straightening of his bow-tie.  The little things that scream love in a big way.  So happy my good buddy Ralph Alcala invited me to shoot with him for their wedding. Good, good times!

There’s those looks again, it was constant, all day.  🙂

I smiled all through this edit, such a wonderful thing to be in the presence of such genuine love.  I wish you guys nothing but the best and many, many years of happiness together!  And of course, to my man Ralph! you gotta swing by his blog and check out Jackie and Ish’s engagement session where Ish proposes to Jackie!  Good stuff!

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