I’ll Paint You a Pretty Picture…

I have an intense artistic past, I taught myself to draw and then I learned to paint.  I used several mediums, some which may not be widely appreciated…  I love art!  I think, because I can relate to it.  When I met Leigh Ann (lay-ann) she told me she was an artist, and I said “no kiddin,” and that exchange sorta went like this:

Leigh Ann:  I paint.

Me: No way, me too!  Acrylic?

Leigh Ann:  Uh no, oil.

Me:  Holy crap!

Leigh Ann:  Yup.

For those you who aren’t paint experts, acrylic is fast-drying, water clean-up paint.  A little difficult to build but easy to use.  Oil, on the other hand, take FOREVER to dry, harsh chemical clean-up and some color pigments are down right toxic.  So why paint with oil?  It builds nicely, rich vibrant colors and it looks beautiful.  So, I was bowing down to a master of paint because I don’t dare delve into the oils.  Leigh Ann had just gotten into painting with oils so I really wasn’t expecting much but when she showed me one of her paintings I was impressed.  She’s currently working on building her portfolio website and needed some pictures of herself.  I can honestly say that we artists have a tough time in front of the lens, speaking from experience of course.  So, breaking the ice is usually the remedy to shaking some smiles loose, but Leigh Ann was all smiles from the get go.  Makes my job easier…

This is one of her paintings she brought along to the shoot, I don’t recall it having a name so I’m calling it “face,” creative, isn’t it?

Leigh Ann had a tough looking knuckle ring that read “je t’aime” which means “I love you” in French.  Gave me goose pimples…

Tool’s of the craft.

Silly, bubbly and cute would be some the few words to describe Leigh Ann.  Not exactly the kind of introverted character you would expect from an oily artist.  Well, that didn’t come out right, but, you know what I mean…

Then I managed to get a serious look from her.  Just for a little bit.

This ones’ gotta be one of my favorites.  I know it doesn’t show her face, but she’s wearing this femmy-artist-lookin top, and what chick do you know hangs her specs on her shirt? Huh, who?  That’s top score in book!  I’ll repost this once her site goes live, I can’t wait for it!

Araxi - Joel these are fantastic! I love the one of her with the brushes in the foreground! Well Done! 🙂

charlyn - Jo L I love the pix n the commentary!I love how u tell the story of a shoot. What a fun shoot I feel lucky to have witnessed it in the making. I’m excited to see her website too! Awesome job as always buddy!

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