Get Monday: Mastering This Thing Called Life

I kinda like to pat myself on the back for my creative blog post titles and picture captions because I don’t exactly have the biggest of accomplishments under my belt.  Like, let’s saayyy, a Master’s degree.  I know, I should be out there soaking up knowledge and bettering myself for the sake of humanity. Yeah…  I’m gonna stick to my dry sense of humor and taking pictures because I feel the best way I can better this world; by taking pictures of indispensable memories and making them last for generations to come.  I loooooove it when I get emails, phone calls, and texts from my clients, friends and family telling me how much they laughed, cried, or simply reminisced about the moments I captured on camera.  That’s just me, call me crazy.

So last week we drove up to Bakersfield to my sister-in-law’s graduation.  Not from high school, not from the local community college, but from graduate school at Cal State University of Bakersfield!  Melissa is now a Master in Social Work!  I was around enough to know how dedicated to her work she is.  I think when someone pours their life into something so specific, it gives them a great deal of satisfaction at the end of the day.  So helping children, guiding parents, and managing her own life as well is lot for most people and Melissa does it without missing a beat.  And look at me, I snap pictures and crack jokes! Ok, ok, I’ll try not to make this post about me so much…

That’s Melissa by the tuba.  You don’t get a chance to say that much huh? “Tuba…”

The hooding part of the ceremony, there was a bit of a wardrobe malfunction with Melissa’s hood but it was fixed.  No half-time show mishaps here fellas, settled down…

Diploma in hand, it’s now all behind her and she was all smiles for the rest of the night.

Her son Robert, who’s been there through Melissa’s entire college career, not exactly helping her at times but the bar is now set at an exceptional height for him.  Thank your mother Robert…

My lil wife on the left and my In-Laws, I lucked out with this family because they actually like me.  I think.

When milestones are reached and surpassed in life, we like to mark them with memorable events.  That’s where I come in.  When life sometimes goes astray and children need help and parents need guidance, Melissa will be there.  I’m not sure where I’m going with this but we all having a calling in life that also fulfills us spiritually.  Making people happy is ultimately our goal deep down within all of us, finding that element brings us closer together.

“Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

-Mark Twain

Melissa, I’m really proud of  you and your accomplishments, I wish you nothing but the best on the road that lies ahead of you and Robert.  Congratulations!  Just last year we drove up to Las Vegas for my other sister-in-law’s graduation from UNLV for her degree in Broadcast Communications.  I’m surrounded by inspirational and supportive family.  Blessed, truly blessed.  You go girls! 🙂

Michael Bandy - Awesome focus and DoF. Great job Joel!

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