Get Monday: I knowww it’s Wednesday…

So I was getting ready to attend this month’s SMUG and I knew we were doing a special head shot exchange prior to the guest speaker, but I couldn’t quite remember what time the shoot was starting at. Aaaannd of course, starts at 6pm, look at my watch, 6:13.  Nice.  So there I go showing up all late shooting people.  Luckily it was a small turn out since everyone else was wachin the Lakers whoop on the Celtics in game 7 of the finals.  Yeah, me and a few others were here.  Not much for basketball I guess, so there you go…

Here’s Peter Garr, LA SMUG‘s group leader and inventor of the camera slingshot. Ok, maybe the later is not so true…

Didn’t get to shoot much of Peter but I had the beautiful Christina Dely as my model to get me loosened up.  It’s been my experience that when shooting fellow photogs, they lock up and become prudent librarians.  So I have to work juuust a bit harder to get them to smile, and once that happens, easy street my friend.  Nothing says “I’m friendly” like a nice warm sincere smile.

Gotta get that serious look too…

Aaaandd there we go, the good stuff.  Call me crazy but I think these types of laughing shots really bring portraits to life.

This is Michael Bandy.  Umm, we couldn’t get him to smile much OR take off his glasses.  Funny guy though, and quite the conversationalist too.  But I think we all managed to get a lil smile outta him.

Had to get that sunshine in there, love that stuff!

Now, Linda Mariano had to have been the person who impressed me the most.  She had all the right poses and smiled just right.  I could tell she had some experience under her belt.  Part of posing your subject involves demonstrating the pose for them, and Linda had it down!

You go girl!

Our guest speaker, Max Roper, has a cool job. He goes to concerts, and get this, he takes pictures of the performing band up close and personal.  For a living!  Well, sorta.  But that freakin rocks! (no pun intended)  His work is pretty awesome, and he spoke on how creativity is being diluted in our industry.  Sorta like, I want to mimic everything this guy does because thats what makes ’em sooo successful right?  He was guiding everyone to look to ourselves for a spark, a stroke of genius, an epiphany.  We just need to find what makes us unique, set ourselves apart from the crowd.

He had an interesting life story, and he had a bunch of friends and family there too.  It was cool to know that this lecture was coming from your everyday kid around the block who just happened to consistently pursue the creativity factor.  He’s juuuust starting out, which is another inspiration, he’s not loosing track of what got him there in the first place.  I think we all tend to get a little too involved in a process that is mainly intuitive and we try and rationalize it to make it a formula.  Because it’s easier when we know “2+2=4”, not the “pickles mixed with potassium carbonate and Chanel No.5 make angel toenail clipings”  answer you might have gotten while half asleep watching Jeopardy. I don’t know and don’t ask.  When we go with our gut, it only make sense to us how we get to our goal, but when we get there it puts everyone else in awe.  Yeah, I like that.

Michael Bandy - Awesome stuff Joel. You certainly got some great shots in the short time you were there. How did everyone catch me smiling?

Christina Dely - Great shots Joel!!! And I love that we both caught Michael smiling. He is a big softy at heart 😉

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