Get Monday: Christian & Carla’s Engagement Shoot

Every once in a while I get to do fun stuff for work.  Like, take pictures. Umm.  Go to fun weddings and take pictures, and umm, stuff.  You get the picture.  But on this particular shoot, we shot, we ate, we walked around town, had cocktails, and shot some more.  And had some more cocktails.  You see, my best man from my wedding asked me if I would be [insert drum roll here] his official wedding photographer.  As supposed to unofficial I guess.  I was all excited because we always have loads of fun when we hang out and I figured that this would be the best job ever!  However, I did worry that I would be, let’s say, less than productive on shoots with my high school homie and his lovely fiancé.

Luckily, I was feelin very peppy and creative, I almost had an extra skip in my step.  I felt like a kid, like when my mom would agree to take me to Toys ‘R’ Us and let me pick out a toy.  That kind of enthusiasm!  But this time, the role of my mother was played by Chris and Carla and they agreed to let me drag them all over town and pick out the spots to shoot at.  Kinda cool huh?  You get it? Right?

Disclaimer: If it seems like they’re all up in each other’s face, that’s just them.  Turn around, and they’re giving each other Eskimo and butterfly kisses.  If they’re apart, they’re blowing kisses.  I had to snap my fingers a few times to snap ’em out of it, almost got a squirt bottle once.

I smile when I edit pictures, I laughed out load when I remembered Carla dancing circles around Chris in this empty parking lot.

We came across this super awesome cool hotel in downtown called the Figueroa Hotel, we peeked inside and decided it was nice.  So we crashed the delightfully decorated lobby to snap some pictures.  There is some relevance however, that being, Chris’ last name is Figueroa.  And we were on Figueroa street. Shooting the future Mister and Misses Figueroa. At the Figueroa Hotel. Go figure…

I haven’t been to LA Live next to the Staples Center in downtown, and it was packed with nice restaurants, lounges, and the very slick JW Marriot.

So we ended the shoot waaayyy past my bed time but that didn’t stop Carla from dancing the night away.  Even on the escalator on the way back to the car.

Thanks for an engagement shoot I’ll never forget!  Can’t wait for the wedding, which will be just as memorable.  But with less escalators and things named Figueroa…

Carla Cassell - LOVE IT!! 🙂

Carrie Tracy - OMG!!! These pics are so real, fresh, and fabulously romatic!!
Luv, Aunt Carrie

Maria Fulmer - Carla, Christian,
These photos are wonderful. It looks like you guys had a great time!

Love, love, love,
Your sister

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