Get Monday: A Second Look

When I look back to when I first started calling myself a photographer, I kinda laugh at the way I was taking pictures and what I considered my “style.”  I was pretty much going off what I was reading in books, and seeing online.  I mean, I knew what was up! Heh.  Of course we can all look back and wonder how we even made it this far, we’re practically walking miracles.  Meeting other photographers has been the most important learning experiences to date.  It’s almost like we (photogs) radiate knowledge without even trying, well, at least us passionate ones. Not trying to point fingers or step on toes, but you know someone’s passionate about anything when you see their eyes light up and they won’t shut up.  At least I won’t, I’ll talk your ears off.  Try me!

I recently started second shooting at weddings with a few photographers to further my craft and find my own way in this crazy little world of photography.  I like it, it’s less stress on me, but all the same fun!  It’s more of a God-given gift to be standing there at a wedding, experiencing love.  Not to get all mushy, but it puts a smile on my face and makes me want to get home to my wife and son all the more quicker.  [sigh]

I feel I owed a debt of gratitude to a photographer who has given a lot to me even though I don’t express it around him.  That photographer is Henry Chen.  Every time I get a chance to chat one-on-one with Henry it’s always fruitful.  I feel like he’s boiled all his experiences and wisdom down to simple tips and points of view.  Sometimes, I’m like, “it can’t be THAT easy!”  But it is.  He sometimes goes out of his way to make himself available for you to pick his brain.  Humble, and extremely talented.  He is inspiring to say the least.  Meeting photographers like Henry keeps me motivated, it also helps me see the beauty in sharing my experience and knowledge with other photographers.  So, I had the awesome opportunity to second shoot along side Henry recently at an energetic and beautiful Irish Catholic Wedding.

The groom received a card from his bride moments before the ceremony and he was all smiles, and yes, that’s the best man gettin in on my shot.  If you were at the wedding you’d understand…

One of the perks of being a second shooter is catching all the sideline stuff, all the little moments.  It almost makes you more mindful of all the little things that happen during weddings.  Little things called life.

I loooooooved, loved, loved the bride’s mother! She is so awesome!  She is so full of life and such a kind heart, I really feel blessed to have been apart of their daughter’s wedding.  Check out her adoring smile as the priest gives his blessing to the newly weds.

The bride’s father was quite the charmer and a character too, gotta love this look he gave his new son-in-law as they walked down the aisle.

The fellas, the good, fellas…

Good lookin bunch…

I also snapped these few from afar as Henry directed the lovely couple for their portraits.

Details, details details.  Or as I recently learned; “the deets.”

These two kids were eye-ballin the cake from a nearby window.

After capturing some deets, I went back outside and found Henry doing his thang in the lush sunset light.

Looks like some one was shadowing Henry incognito style…

So, they had a live Irish band called The Hooligans; absolutely amazing music, it made you dance, laugh, cry and sing out-loud all in one song.  I’ll never forget it!

I look forward to learning and continuing to grow from other photographers and I encourage others to do the same.  I also encourage you to check out Henry Chen’s coverage of this wedding on his blog.  But I have to warn you, you’ll end up spending countless hours going through all of his blog posts.  Thanks again Henry!

Araxi - Beautiful work Joel!! 🙂 Lovin the style here. lol @ Deets

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