Erin + Kevin :: San Fernando Valley Wedding Photography

First time I met Erin a month ago, her wedding was still a simple idea with much planning ahead of her.   She wanted a simple intimate wedding at home with her close friends and family.  It was just that with some sweet touches.  Erin and Kevin were quite reserved but I noticed them holding hands under the table while we talked over coffee, their love-locked eyes and the way he made her smile.  The tell signs that they shared a beautiful kind of love.  They met through mutual friends, and some how she ended up with his watch as he vowed to get it back another day.  She still has his watch, and now his heart.

I know things were going just right when Erin told me, “this is fun!” while on our portrait shoot.  Thank you both for being patient with me and trusting in me,  I’m honored to have been apart of your special day!  Oh, and big thanks to Henry Chen for referring Erin and Kevin to me, it was meant to be! 🙂

Christina Dely - Love the shots in the field! Not to mention the beautifully lit image in the car! Gorgeous!

admin - Thanks kiddo! Much appreciated! 🙂

Kevin & Erin - Thank you for taking such beautiful photos of our wedding, Joel. We are truly honored and fortunate that you were part of our big day. We wish you all the best in your photography career and everything else in life!

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