Daydreaming Takes Talent

Laying on a hand-knitted blanket over cool grass, straw hat pulled over my face and hands folded neatly on my chest.  A soft breeze gently swaying the leaves of the tree I was sleeping under.  I could feel the sun peeking through as it briefly warmed my stomach.  Quiet.  A million miles from here, but right at home.  My mind is a blank canvas at this very moment as subtle images begin to appear.  Am I dreaming? No, I can still feel the blades of grass grazing my elbows.  Images start to reveal my hopes, my ambitions, and my dreams (no pun intended).  Funny thing is, I never envisioned the dream I’m living right now.  Of course when I was kid I was aiming high, REAL high.  I’ve learned that life is much more satisfying when I set goals that are actually attainable.  Sometimes crazy, but attainable.  Life has taught me that dues must be paid and the sweeter the prize the harder the work.  Here’s a secret to help keep your eyes on the prize, daydreaming.  In utter quiet summer afternoons napping under a tree or simply driving with the music as loud as you can handle it.  Find that little escape, keep your chin up and your daydreaming will pull you through.

Sometimes our dreams aren’t always for us, I always dream about what my son will grow up to be.  My wife and I are expecting our second child this midsummer and I can’t seem to stop daydreaming about what our next one will look like.  We still don’t know what we’re having so there’s always that anticipation too.

Growing older with good friends is a blessing.  I look back at all the good times I shared with my friends, birthday parties, Monday night football at the sports bar, and even nursing each other after a really long night in Vegas. 😉  Now, all my friends are getting married, having kids, and the few hold-outs will soon follow suit.  The great part is that, well, I’m a photographer!  I never pressure my friends to pick me, so it’s always super flattering when I get to photograph them for some of the most important events of their lives.   I’ve known Shalyn for over 12 years now and I was taken back of what a beautiful, glowing mommy she’s become. Yessss, I know that pregnant women generally glow, but she was like Bam! and I was like whoa! Slipped on my Oakley’s like in an 80’s high school flick because this is cool. I don’t actually own Oakley’s. But I hear they’re cool. Miners like ’em…

Shalyn started dating John a few years ago we hit it off pretty well.  He’s a car freak, and so am I.  I think I may be understating the “freak” part but you can just imagine what our convos sound like.  Engine displacements, forged pistons, throttle bodies and camber adjustments.  Cat-back systems, high volume fuel rails, and modified intake manifolds of the such.  Yeah, I live vicariously through John’s heavily moded and insanely fast rice rocket because I drive a school bus. :/

I couldn’t put my finger on why I really liked the color they picked for their baby’s room, but now I know why.  Pistachio nut ice cream!  I’m surprised I didn’t start licking the wall like the flavored wall paper at Willy Wonka’s place.  I’m just lucky they didn’t have a muddle puddle in the backyard or my name’d be Augustus…

Charlie, the Frenchie.

I really like this shot. Like, a grip.


Beautiful lady.

I love this picture of Shalyn.  It’s simply her.

I usually have a semi-inspirational closing paragraph but I think I’ve exhausted my inspiration gland enough for one post.  G’nite kids and live the dream!

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