Costa Rican Wedding: Celena & Jake

Ok, this is post is waaaay overdue! So I already rubbed it in about how wonderful and beautiful Costa Rica was and how cool it was to shoot Celena and Jake’s wedding there. Because they are just simply, like, the most awesomenest couple ever! I would go back there to shoot their wedding all over again, no seriously, I would. [hint-hint] I still can’t get my head around the fact that the wedding went soooo smooth, everyone had a great time and did I mention it was in Costa Rica?

Anyway, I plucked some of my favorites and sharing them with the all of you internet land! Sit back, soak it in and enjoy!

Celena’s mother and sister were getting teary-eyed as they helped Celena put on the final touches for her big day. It was touching and such a special moment, and I had the honor of being there for the little happy moments of the day. Best job in the world I tell ya!

So this is what all the guys looked like 20 minutes before the ceremony. Being a guy is ALSO the best job in the world, and the easiest.

A very excited Jake looking on as Celena and her father made their walk down the aisle. I remember him saying “wow, she looks hot” as she came through the doors.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Webb!

Beautiful details, great food, great music, and yes, a real live cigar roller!
The gentlemen enjoying their freshly rolled cigars watching the sunset.

So all of this takes place right on the beach in this little grass hut and lit up with a fireworks show, it’s gonna take some effort to top this little tropical getaway wedding. Simply perfect!

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