Breaking The Ice

So I finally grew a pair and got all worked up to ask a complete stranger if I could take their picture.  I have to admit that this has been one small hurdle that I just could never get myself over.  My wife pointed him out, a huge grin came over my face, shook off the shy-stench and simply walked over and opened my mouth.

Me: My name is Joel, I’m a photographer.

Him: Cool.

Me: Dude, I love your hair and just had to ask you if I could take your picture.

Him: Jeeyah!

Me: Fuck yeah!

So, I was a bit excited, sue me. Snapped a few, asked for the obvious profile, said thanks and moved on. As I’m walking back to my wife, I was high as a kite! That was awesome! Look, I know it’s no Annie Leibovitz, I’m not all that impressed with my shots. But I’m over that initial scaredy-pants phase. Quite liberating! I think what made the first time a bit easier was the idea of having an interesting person to pursue. I gotta keep trying this! I think I may be hooked! It was fun, but I have a lot of practice if I want that interesting shot, the one with a story without words.

To quote the great Zach Arias, “Shut up and Shoot!”

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