Being Joel, The Other Joel…

Who’s the man? Joel! I get to say that because it has a double meaning to the magnificent  duo of Joel & Joel!  Yes, fans of the photogs, the awesome two-some strikes again.  This time, saving the day of newly weds Cecilia and Erick!  Not that they were in trouble or anything, well, you see.  Ok, we did take some awesome pictures a couple weeks ago of their lovely day in quaint lil Pasadena.  Gotta check Joel Llacar’s blog post for this wedding! It’s always good times shooting with Joel (insert double meaning here).

I was lovin this couple, Cecilia was reserved and all smiles, Erick confident and full of laughter.  I had the privelage of shooting the fellas getting ready, so it gives me a chance to chat it up a bit.  I’m quite the conversationalist when the Food Network comes up.  Yeah, I can cook and I can eat.  And me and the boys, well, we had some common interests…

Here’s Erick helping Jimmy fix his “vest” and it actually turned out to be quite the task.

The fellas looking sharp on this fine Saturday afternoon.

I’m pretty bad on remembering names, but there was no way I was forgetting Jimmy’s name after hearing what his email address is.  You go with your bad self Jimmy.

Erick and Cecilia opted to have a “first look,” this is when the bride and groom see each other all done up before the ceremony.  It’s always exciting to see their reactions because there’s so much anticipation leading up to this moment.

The lovely bride’s maids peekin around the corner at the happy couple’s first look, with oohh’s and aahh’s.

Joel Llacar working the wedding party shots. 


The waiting room before the ceremony. It was so, Godfather-esque.

The First United Methodist Church of Pasadena is a beautiful, beautiful church.  I caught myself staring at the architecture and stained glass art.  Simply gorgeous setting for a wedding.

The party’s in the Rococo Room!

So, Joel does a slide show of the images he captured for the first half of the day and it’s always a crowd pleaser!

Congratulations to Cecilia and Erick! It was such a privilege to be apart of such an important day in your lives together, and of course to Joel, always a pleasure working with you dude!

Joel L - Joel. I am the other Joel. =P
Thanks so much for shooting with me. Always a pleasure to have you on board. Looking forward to the next rounds of gigs with me! Great job by the way!

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