Anjali + Moshin Day 3: Soka University & Irvine Marriott

One of the things that I love about weddings is that I never know what the day will hold.  So being on the ready at all time is a must, I’ve always known this to be the truth.  I recently shot with Henry Chen and Brian Fletcher on this amazingly beautiful Indian wedding and this rule was not only permanently ingrained into my head, now it changed the game for me.  Sooooo many little snippets of tradition and culture were happening all around us and never-ending.  Everything happened so fast, in fluid sequence and beautifully decorated with color.  Not to mention that Anjali and Moshin were incredibly chill despite this being the third day out of a 4 day wedding.

Believe it or don’t, that was only the first half of the day.  Back to the Irvine Marriott to freshen up and change for the next ceremony.  And it don’t stop…

I am so thankful for Henry bringing me on for this wedding and for the opportunity to witness such beauty in life.  My best wishes go out to Anjali and Moshin and their families.  I met some of the warmest people and felt the love all the guest had for the couple.  This wedding was nothing short of magical.  To see Henry Chen’s point of view check out his blog, and Brian Fletcher’s blog too!

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