And away we go!

Just finished packing my stuff for a wedding in Costa Rica, yeah, C o s t a R i c a! I know I still haven’t quite grasped the coolness factor about the whole trip but don’t worry about lil’ ol’ me, I’ll be a’ight…

I had a wedding in Italy a few years ago and it was the first time I’ve ever ventured out of the country, in a plane that is, and it’s a life-changing experience to visit another country and soak in the environment. Makes you really start to appreciate all the “boring” stuff you learned in geography and history, because all of a sudden you’re smack in the middle of Rome and desperately trying to recall your history lecture. Well, that’s life for ya! And so, here I am ready to embark on another adventure with my camera in hand; ready to soak it in. This time it’s going to be the sunny beaches of Costa Rica, I feel so hoidy toidy saying “Costa Rica” in my best romantic, Spanish accent.
Though all the excitement I reflect back at how I got here, to this specific point in my life; my family, my wife, my son. I am blessed to have so many good things in my life, and so many super cool opportunities. I get all mushy thinking about my life, and yet there’s so much more to do with every gift God has given me. So, I am going to “Costa Rica” and taking the best pictures ever! I’m coming back like wham! Check it out!
Tech note:
I recently rented a Canon 5D to see what it’s all about and boy, let me tell ya, I’m in love! I roamed around my house for days trying it out and most of my favorite pictures had my son acting like a goof-ball. Rich colors, awesome tones, Ah-Mazing in-camera black and white, crisp contrast and above all, I get full range out of my lenses! Can’t wait to see what I get out of it in “Costa Rica”.
Sta-raight out of camera.

Rafael Alcala - Have fun & safe travels!

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