Ana + Diego :: Elegant Affairs Wedding Photos

I’ve known Ana for over 12 years, seeing her through my viewfinder as she was getting ready to marry Diego was that much more special to me. We’ve been through some challenging times together and so I’ve always felt compelled to be there for her in any way I can. It’s funny how through the years we would loose touch for a minute, run into each other and just pick up where we left off. When we shot Ana and Diego’s engagement sesh a couple months back it was so awesome to see them exchange looks of endearment and whispering to each other in Spanish. Now, I am proficient in this language that hails from the America’s of the south, but not when it’s whispered and certainly not in gibberish of the toddler-esque persuasion. Anyhow, Diego is one lucky man, and I was so happy to see her laughing and heart out through the day. It was picture perfect. No pun intended…

Thank you two for trusting in me to capture these moments, I wish you guys lots of love and the very best!

Sheila - Joel you rock beautiful pictures I have your card … Hope it’s me hiring you soon 😉

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