A Cloudy Weekend: Success

It’s hard to imagine a cloudy and chilly afternoon in Southern Cali.  But yeah, it happens (sigh).  My wife was all peppy with excitement because of this reptile show in Pomona she heard about at her office, not because she likes cold blooded reptiles.  My son loves anything creepy, crawly, slimy and in his words, cool.  I figured the show would be a cool thing to do with the kiddo since it was supposed to cold and cloudy that weekend.  Aaannnd I quietly did a lil fist pump because I’ve always wanted to have an iguana, not that I know how to care for one but I pictured myself strolling through the local Trader Joe’s with my pet iguana “Pickles” (that’s what I would name ’em) chillin on my shoulder.  I’d be like, “hey Pickles, dust off my shoulder for me…”


Australian Black-Headed Python.  It’s like those Pocky Sticks dipped in chocolate, only 80 lbs heavier and it eats rats.

All of a sudden I want a Veiled Chameleon.  Something relaxing about watching them move so slowly and effortlessly.

Ethan wanted to touch every snake he could.

I like turtles, if I had one I would name him Nacho.  F’reals.

I loooooove street shooting on cloudy days.  Reminds me of the 70’s for some reason.  I don’t have an explanation for that one so don’t ask.

The very next day it was sunny, windy, but sunny.  So we hit the park with some friends, my friend Canon came along.

He’s got an arm I tell ya!

My son is the living reincarnation of the Energizer Bunny, these poor girls couldn’t keep up with ’em.  Well, as I like to say, “better them than me.”

“Whatchyou talkin bout? I’m not tired!”  Just sharing my little weekends with the world.  One lil booger at a time.

Christina Dely - Joel you have such a great writing style! Hilarious! Looks like you had a great weekend.

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