Ana + Diego + Gigi :: O’Melveny Park Maternity Photos


I’ve come to realize that happiness is not something we can earn, buy, steal or even pursue. That feeling you get when you finish a big project, graduate from college, buying your first car, or wining a tennis match comes with a sense of satisfaction. But getting married, starting a family, buying a home for your family, or winning the Superbowl gives us happiness. Happiness is something that only happens with others; happiness is shared. So when my long-time friend Ana and Diego asked me to shoot her engagement photos, their wedding, and now their maternity photos, I get to revel in their happiness. Imagine having the opportunity to be apart of peoples happiest moments of their lives; it’s such a blessing! When I go home and edit photos, I relive those moments and it always puts a smile on my face and so I know it will do the same for them. So, I say to you my faithful blog readers, enjoy these photos and I hope their happiness affects you too!


vanessa - grat job joel the pics are beautiful, but, he forgot his cowboy hat again, lol. they look awesome cant wait till my baby comes and Ana’s baby arrives so you can take picsof all the causins. take care see ya soon.